Headshot and Portrait Studio
Park City, Utah

Personal and Business Headshots

Everybody who comes to my studio has their own character, their own personality. I try to capture some character, something personal, in an image.

Portrait Photography

I want to know my clients’ experience. And as I get to know them more, our interaction and their expressions make the portrait.

What to Expect

I like connecting with whoever is in my studio. It’s important. Our interaction is part of the process.

My clients are not all comfortable in front of the camera. And that’s where my coaching comes in. Our interactions, how we work together and even play together…that’s the process.

More than just lights and camera. I’ve been practicing the whole process of working with clients to help everybody feel comfortable and get a great pose and expression.


When you arrive for a photo shoot, we’ll take the time to settle in to the studio and get used to the lights and camera. After a few minutes and a visit with my friendly dogs (if you want to meet them), you’ll be ready for a relaxed, easy-going session.

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