Photo Studio

Our photo studio is conveniently located in Park City and easily accessible off of I-80 near Jeremy Ranch. In the studio, we are able to accommodate individuals, families, large groups, and pets too! We offer professional photography and love to get creative.


Preparing for Your Studio Appointment

We ask that you allow us to do a phone consult with you prior to your appointment. We’d love to know more of what type of photography you’re looking for, and who will be coming in for the session.

We recommend you arrive a few minutes early to do last minute make up touch-ups and get comfortable in studio prior to your session.

Be well rested and willing to listen and take direction. Wear what you are comfortable in and try to avoid “busy” patterns or looks. You should look like you! Arrive with your makeup and hair done unless you are using the Salon next to our studio.

Kids are happiest when they are well rested and have their “lovey” and any other special items that are treasured.

Photography Prints

Our capabilities include photo printing on virtually any media type, in roll or cut sheet, up to 64 inches wide. Posters, fine art (canvas, fine art and watercolor), prints (luster, gloss, semi gloss), signage, and specialty media (velvet, exhibition, metallic).

High Quality Large Format Photo Printing

We offer in-house photo printing to have control over the colors and the outcome of your prints. Sending files off to a print house can be tricky and most of the time, the pictures don’t come back the way you approved them. By offering this service, we work with you to ensure you are happy with what you receive.