Memory of Summer

I don’t start my calendar year on January 1.  My year begins and ends in August.  So this time of year is always my favorite.  I get a huge dose of time with my girls and I get to play with gear and cameras and develop skills I’ll put into active production for the winter. […]


Park city GP is one of my favorite events that we have an opportunity to shoot.  Maybe because my kids participate on freestyle teams and maybe it’s because of the incredible tricks these athletes perform.  Either way, I love to watch the athletes compete and capture their incredible talent and winning smiles! The best thing about […]

The Shark Tank

How many people have seen Jaws? Or at least know that anytime you get in open water there’s a small chance you might see a shark? How many people actually want to see a shark up close? Well we went on a trip to the Bahamas and were walking past an activities shack that listed […]